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The Influence of Dellia

Regancrest Sky Dalila-ET 2E 92
2-03 2x 365d 22,740 4.0 949 2.9 696
3-07 2x 365d 33,060 3.9 1302 3.0 1005
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  • 2nd 3 Yr Old at the 2005 Utah State Fair
  • Dalila was Reserve All Utah 4yr old 2006
  • Dalila is being flushed
  • She has a fancy 2 yr old milking by Pronto
  • Also a real sharp June 2009 Jasper due in June 2011.
  • She has a Dusk pregnancy due in July 2011
  • Sire: Donnandale Skychief!

Rear angle shot of Dalila
Dalila's Dam: Regancrest Encore Darel-ET EX 91 Ex 92 Mam GMD DOM!
Encore Darel
2-04 365d 2x 36,581 3.2 1155 3.1 1149
3-09 365d 2x 34,323 3.3 1131 3.0 1012

Another descendant of Dellia

Regancrest JB Tatum-ET VG 87 DOM
: Rudolph

Dam: Regancrest Tesk Della-ET EX 90
Tatum has many sons in AI
Tatum's full brother is Japan's Highest UDC bull!
Other daughters here:

  • Her Red Marker dtr here is VG85 with 3-02 2x 365 35550 3.6 1282 2.8 1023. She has a VG 86 Rubens dtr and an 85 Champion that are future great ones
  • Ellipsis daughter
  • Saturn daughter
Regancrest JB Tatum-ET
2-04 3 365 32682 3.6 1163 3.1 997
Tatum is owned by Sandy Valley Farms
Tatum has several maternal brothers successfully proven in AI including Die-Hard at ABS

Tatum's Dam

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Sky Dalila & Tatum's Famous 2nd Dam
Regancrest Tesk Della

Dellia EX 95, Deanna's 3rd Dam!
Snow-N Denises Dellia, GMD DOM
EX(95) EX(97) Mam., EX(94) F&L
7-6 365d 2x 35,610m 4.0% 1431f 3.1% 1108p

Regancrest Tesk Della -EX 90 GMD DOM
Dam of: Regancrest Rbk Die-Hard at ABS and 7 other proven sons in AI!
5-11 2x 365d 35,510 3.5 1234 3.2 1134


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