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About EskDale Dairy

EskDale Dairy is a dairy owned by the Christian community of EskDale. It is located in the western Utah desert just inside the Nevada border on highway 6&50. We have milked cows here since 1973 and have had purebred Holsteins since 1976.

After a complete dispersal in 1986, the largest ever in Utah, we have been slowly rebuilding the herd. Presently, there are 240 cows being milked on the farm with 180 being registered. Total animals on the farm approach 500 including heifers, bulls, dry cows and donors. Embryo transfer is being utilized extensively with bulls placed in AI and embryo choices being sold at public auction. Lately, we have been purchasing animals from great cow families and flushing them extensively.

On the farm we currently have members of the great Dellia cow family from Regancrest, the Elsie family from Kestells, the Martha cow at Ricecrest, and other prepotent cow families. Our herd has been honored with PBR recognition the last two years. The RHA is over 24000 on 2x milking and the BAA is consistently over 105%. Our 2008 classification had great results. We had 14 new VG cows with 7 of those being two year olds, and we had 3 new Ex! An EX 90 Jolt was raised to EX 92.

Read the article from Holstein World's March 2008 issue:

We always have bulls for sale and donors available for mating for either live animal sales or embryo sales.

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